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Just once a year - that's all. If once a year you were to donate the amount of money that you spend on an eighth of good herb or a half ounce or even an ounce - we could be heard by everyone around the world.


The Time 4 Hemp Global Broadcasting Network relies on the support of our sponsors, annual donations from the  cannabis business community and our listening audience. Much like the PBS Network, we are not looking for a hand-out but instead - we are seeking a hand-up. 100% of this support is used to deliver the highest quality hemp based programming that is both entertaining and educational. When you donate to us you DO get something in return.

First and foremost, you become part of the community that is dedicated to broadcasting the message of the need to end cannabis prohibition all around the world. In return for your help, you'll get hats, t-shirts or other great items - depending on the below package you select.

Here a few segments from the 1991  Time 4 Hemp TV series that have been posted to YouTube and you can download the audio of the 2 interviews Casper did with Jack Herer.

Time 4 Love

2.)  Donate the cost of A QUARTER-SACK and get a Baseball Cap, Coffee Mug, T-shirt and Smokin' Puzzle of your choice.

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It would be great if you could give an ounce of Love!

3.)  Donate the cost of A HALF and get a Baseball Cap, Coffee Mug, T-shirt, Smokin' Puzle, Tote-bag and Bud Box of your choice.

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A portion of every purchase made goes to the cost of program production on the Time 4 Hemp Broadcasting Network.

Enjoy this FREE MP3 music download: Get High – By Brandy Clark.

Jack Herer and Capt. Ed Take Time 4 Hemp.

Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong and Andrew Weil.

These 4 packages are based on the cost of an ounce of good herb in places where prohibition prevents cannabis use.

But, if you can't do that, how about a NUG HUG

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1.)  Donate the cost of A PHAT-EIGHTH and we will send you a Trucker Hat, Cannabis Calendar, and Coffee Mug of your choice.

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4.)  Donate the cost of A WHOLE O and get a Baseball Cap, Coffee Mug, T-shirt, Smokin' Puzzle, Tote-bag, Bud Box and Watch of your choice.

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We also have a SPECIAL OFFER FOR CANNABIS BUSINESS and ORGANIZATIONS that  are working to prevent the United States government from un-doing the progress the Marijuana Movement has made in recent years.

The current administration has confirmed their dedication to destroying medical marijuana dispensaries and legal outlets for recreational purchase. Big Business has a vested interest in preventing the TRUTH about cannabis from being found on the internet (Google will make it hard for a cannabis business to be found in search engines and FaceBook will often block postings about medical cannabis or remove a profile if someone lists the price of an ounce).

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