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     Don't Be Russian           'The Donald'

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These unisex T-shirts are sure to fit everyone.
Quality short-sleeve crew-neck t-shirts, 100% pre-shrunk cotton blend, heavy weight fabric for comfortable feel. Fit is unisex standard (size up if in doubt). Graphic tee designs are professionally printed. Machine wash cold inside out with like colors, tumble dry on low.

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Pro-Trump T-Shirts

WOW! I hope we don't get sick of WINNING!

Trump's Russian Ties
This is the PUMP TRUMP T-Shirt page!
You support the Time 4 Hemp Network with every T-Shirt you buy!

We also have a Make American Hemp Great Again! T-Shirt.

It is NEITHER PRO nor ANTI Trump...

...It is Pro-Cannabis and Anti-Prohibition.

With your help, TRUTH can trump prohibition!

Truth be told, those of us involved with this network really ONLY have Time 4 Hemp, we don't REALLY have Time 4 Trump.

In spite of that, his name seems to come up in darn near EVERY conversation and interview. So, instead of FIGHTING IT, we are just gonna go-with-the-flow and have some fun along the way.

We designed 4 different T-Shirts for this ON-LINE Survey:

TRUMP! Love him or Hate him?

Below are the 2 PRO-Trump Trump T-shirts

These will be made available until

Trump is no longer in office.

When the new President is sworn in, we will let our audience know which of the shirts helped us to GROW the most.

When you purchase one of these T-shirts, EVERYBODY WINS!!

YOU WIN, because you get a T-shirt to enjoy and wear.

The NETWORK WINS from the support it gets in the purchase.

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  • Its Only A Weed5:03
  • The Tree Of Life7:08
  • The Reefer Song6:39
  • The War On Us5:08
  • Time 4 Hemp Theme Song3:12
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