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For over 25 years Time 4 Hemp has been bringing the truth about cannabis into people's homes, businesses and hearts.

Whether it's  Casper Leitch (High Times calls "The Father of Marijuana Media")

interviewing Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong and Andrew Weil;

or Al Byrne(a Founder Of Patients Out Of Time)

chatting with Jesse Ventura;

or Wolf Segal (The Farmer in the Sky)

talking with Jorge Cervantes and Ed Rosenthal - TOGETHER;

or one of the many other network hosts, such as Judge James Gray,

you will find the best cannabis programming in the world broadcasting 24/07 on the

Time 4 Hemp Network.

Everyone who listens in on iHeartRadio, i-Tunes, Spreaker or SoundCloud either smokes and/or grows cannabis and/or knows someone who does. This is a highly-filtered demographic made up of exactly who you want to have be aware of your product (ie. growers, dispensary owners, grow shops  and end-consumers.

The current administration has confirmed their dedication to continuing the war on cannabis. Big Business has a vested interest in preventing the TRUTH about cannabis from being found on the internet (Google will make it hard for a cannabis business to be found in search engines and FaceBook will often block postings about medical cannabis or remove a profile because someone mentioned the price of an ounce).

We have put together a SPECIAL OFFER FOR CANNABIS BUSINESS and ORGANIZATIONS that  are working to prevent the United States government from undoing the progress the Marijuana Movement has made in recent years

 Your team will be thanked at the end of some of our segments for making our programming production possible. A member of your team will be invited to be a guest on one of our programs at least once.


We'll also send you a Time 4 Hemp Watch, Activists Lunch Tote, Clipboard, Travel Mug, and a Calendar of your choice.

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A portion of every purchase made goes to the cost of program production on the Time 4 Hemp Broadcasting Network.

Enjoy this FREE MP3 music download: Sunset On The Ganja Farm.

This travel mug is constructed with a durable double-wall of stainless steel.

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This clip-board is just the right size for holding a legal pad (measures  9" x 12.5"); made of pressed hardboard with high-shine finish; and has dry erase compatible.

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This Neoprene Lunch Bag is made with Insulating Neoprene which keeps food cool longer. It's Water Resistant with a zipper closure and measures 8" x 9.5" x 4.5".

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This Activists Watch is 8.25" x 1.5" and made of Stainless Steel with a soft and durable strap.

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