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Time 4 Hemp gives a platform to patients, lawyers, judges, growers, and doctors  to be heard from. Your support is needed for this to continue.Our way of saying THANK YOU for your donation is to send you a Cannabis Care Bear and Calendar of your choice.

Important dates for the year are a glance away with this glosie 11x17" calendar.

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In most places that cannabis is prohibited, this is about what it cost for an average user. An average user will consume this amount in about 1 day (or less). If you donate the cost of 1 days worth of smoke to this broadcasting network your dollars will be used to help raise the voice of the Global Hemp Movement

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This plush bear is a cutie in a message-bearing t-shirt and festive red and blue ribbons.

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A portion of every purchase made goes to the cost of program production on the Time 4 Hemp Broadcasting Network.

Enjoy this FREE MP3 music download: Holy Smoke.

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