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  • Its Only A Weed5:03
  • The Tree Of Life7:08
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  • The War On Us5:08
  • Time 4 Hemp Theme Song3:12
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Below are 18 segments from the 1991 Time 4 Hemp Television Series that started it all. Time 4 Hemp is the first television series in broadcast history to focus on hemp/marijuana as the main topic. And to do so in a positive light. It was also the first community cable program to debut in 19 states and 24 cities. It was also the first community cable series to be seen in all 50 states. It was the first community cable series to become international. Segments were broadcast in Canada, Australia and the Netherlands. Willie Nelson, Dr Tim Leary and Jack Herer are among the many famous guests.

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The Time 4 Hemp network is constantly adding new things to the website. There are marijuana editorial cartoons you can share with your friends. LOTS of free MP3’s of all the programs produced through the Time 4 Hemp Broadcasting Network with amazing hosts and great 420 music. We even have a newsletter.  Listen to our live stream content in the player found on each page when you surf the site.  If you like the hard work we do and want to become a sponsor, you will benefit through global advertising to the marijuana and cannabis movement with us. Enjoy the network on the go with ANY smart phone or tablet through our apps. We’re even on ROKU-TV!  You can embed us into your website and share us with your visitors. You can find about 3,000 podcasts in the Network Archives. Make it a point to tune in OFTEN.Follower us on Twitter with the

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Time 4 Hemp is the ONLY marijuana related network on iHeart Radio. It’s the first around the clock - all cannabis all the time - broadcast.Listen to music online and enjoy great chat. Every other hour is talk; every other hour is Rock! Read a great news magazine; or watch us on ROKU-TV.

When you surf this site you will find over 75 CANNABIS MUSIC MP3's that are FREE TO DOWNLOAD (about 1 per HTML).

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FaceBook and YouTube have been doing what they can to censor activists. It makes little difference what your an activists for, both organizations are being bought and paid for by the corporate giants.

Because of this,
our videos and podcasts and postings are becoming harder and harder to find. Google is making it harder for websites like this one to get noticed in their search engine as well. 

It is NOW MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER to share us with your friends and to re-post as much of the material that you find on this website that you can!

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